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    The Department of Economic Development (DED)

    The DED is the government body entrusted to set and drive the economic agenda of the emirate of Dubai, UAE.

    At Business Incorporation Zone, we work alongside the DED to facilitate company formation in Dubai Mainland and support a more diversified and innovative service-based economy.

    We’ve helped thousands of happy customers with our comprehensive business set up services that are designed to meet all required government formalities and document legalities.

    No corporate tax

    Mainland companies in Dubai are exempt from paying corporate tax.

    No paid-up capital

    Majority of business activities do not require paid-up capital.

    Business freedom

    Complete access & freedom to trade within and outside the UAE; an advantage available only to companies located in the Mainland.

    Office setup

    A feature which allows companies to not only trade with local markets but also open up multiple branches.

    Government projects

    Mainly companies are allowed to take on government projects – a benefit not available in Free Zones.

    Unlimited visas

    No restriction on the number of visas an individual can apply for.

    Our packages

    We offer a variety of affordable, tailored licensing packages. Take a deep dive into the options to find out more about mainland company setup costs in Dubai.

    Coworking License

    Combining the benefits of a Dubai Mainland setup with freedom of mobility, our coworking license gives you the benefits of an office, without the hassle of having to pay for one. You can become part of Dubai’s vibrant coworking community while enjoying the flexibility to conduct business throughout the UAE.


    Giving you the flexibility to conduct business throughout the UAE and the accessibility to a vibrant coworking community in Dubai. With our coworking facilities, you could operate with all the benefits of having an office, without the hassles and operational expenses to pay for one.

    • Package includes Dubai mainland license, sponsorship & office space
    • Flexibility to conduct business throughout the UAE
    • Dedicated Account Management Team
    • Coworking space with phone & banking account opening assistance

    Instant License

    With the Instant License, you can start trading in Dubai from the get-go, with minimal paperwork and a professional or commercial license within minutes. Unlike a traditional trade license, you won’t need a Memorandum of Association (MOA) or 12-month tenancy agreement either – ideal for business owners who don’t expect to hire staff within the first year.


    This is great if your business doesn’t expect to hire staff in the first year and unlike a traditional trade license, you don’t need a Memorandum of Association (MOA) or to take on a tenancy agreement for the first 12 months of operation.

    • Fast application process – with license issued in under ten minutes
    • Less paperwork – with no requirement for MOA or a tenancy agreement
    • Minimal initial costs – no tenancy requirement keeps overheads low
    • Quick to market – start trading as soon as you receive your license
    • Broad scope – explore the Dubai market with minimal commitment or investment

    Physical Space

    Our Physical Space package offers business owners the opportunity to find the perfect physical space for their start-up. Whether you need office space, retail facilities or storage, we can help you find a monthly payment package that suits your needs and leverages the UAE’s innovative infrastructure.


    The UAE’s business infrastructure is up there with the best in the world – and we can find you a monthly payment package to suit your needs.

    • Unlimited visas (dependent on office space size)

    • Office premises anywhere in mainland Dubai

    Disclaimer: All prices are subject to the type of business activity selected. Some activities will require further approvals from specific government bodies within the emirate of Dubai. Some activities may require a physical office or retail space.

    What our valued customers say

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    Vyacheslav Malkov

    “I was recommended by a friend to go to Business Incorporation Zone to help set up my business, and I wasn’t disappointed. Everything from my trading license to my visa was set up relatively quickly and pain free.”

    Volha Ramanouskaya

    “Thank you very much for your help in opening my company! I am very grateful for your approach to client care.”

    Lisa Fernandes D’Souza

    “I had initially spoken to a member of your team due to my tight deadlines and was unclear on the whole process, but your immediate response made sure I was attended to.”